Reliable Roofing Maintenance Inc
Since 1932

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You may elect to get paid in the following methods.

1 Apply credit to your job.
2 Paid directly to you.
3 Paid to you favorite charity
4 RRM will pay it to one of our selected charities

Payments are made 30 days after the work is paid in full.
Whatever method you select you will receive an email confirmation.

Just fill out the referral form on this page and you ready to go.

Its that simple.

Roofworx Referral Program

The program works as follows.

Our company has succeeded for 85 years mostly by customers referring new customers by word of mouth. 
Since that has worked well for many years we established a reward program for our loyal customers called Roofworx Referral.

All new customers you refer to RRM
and we contract work with them you will receive a referral fee of 2% on the work.
Roofworx Referral Form Below